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   Many of our clients find telemarketing to be a result-increasing supplement to their direct mail campaign or as an effective marketing program in itself.

   We maintain an extensive database of millions of telephone numbers that can put you in touch with key personnel at major corporations, new business and homeowners, senior citizens, families with children by specific ages - whomever you may possibly want to reach.

   In fact, almost every mailing list on the market today has a companion telemarketing database available!

   All of our telemarketing lists are scrubbed against ALL do-not-call lists.

   All of our telemarketing lists are available for one-time or unlimited usage in any format via instant delivery high bandwidth internet transfer right into your email inbox, CDROM, DVD, diskettes, Zip-Disks, paper printouts or 3 x 5 index cards.

   Need telephone numbers for a list you already have? We have the ability to accurately phone match your existing database for just pennies per number!
Through follow up telemarketing, you'll enjoy even greater results from your direct mail program!

    Just like our high performing mailing lists, these high quality telemarketing lists are available to you for just pennies per name!

          direct mail solutions
    3700 N. 29th Ave. Suite 203
Hollywood, FL 33020-1019 U.S.A.

         voice: 954.921.0000 

   toll free: 800.771.LIST (5478)


            We accept ALL major credit cards for lists, printing & services