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   Nothing burns a hole in your budget faster than conducting a marketing campaign with bad, out-of-date data.

   Your customer database is your most important marketing asset. That is why it's important to keep your information as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

   Losing contact with your customers, even for a short period, translates into lost revenue. That’s why it's important to keep your customer database up-to-date and accurate with good data management.

   Our Data Hygiene Service can update and clean your customer files so you get new growth from existing accounts. Deliverable addresses and accurate data will help you save money, boost response rates and improve response.

  Additionally, by practicing regular "database hygiene":  de-duplicating files, NCOA (National Change of Address) processing, merging and purging lists to remove undeliverable or duplicate addresses, your database can always be at its very best while expediting the delivery of your mailings.

   By performing field splitting or combining, upper and lower case conversion, genderizing, database merging, telephone appending, title addressing and a multitude of available processes, we can enhance any existing database to any standard.

   Data conversions are no problem either: Internet files to, ASCII to DBASE to MS Excel to MS Access to FoxPro, fixed field to delimited, you name it!

   See how our state-of-the-art high speed computer systems and continually updated postal software can perform for you.

All of our secure, Windows 2008 Server powered systems are password protected, rigorously maintained and continually upgraded with two independent, on-site, nightly digital backup systems as well as an off-site nightly backup, so you're always assured of the most secure, advanced and reliable high speed computer technology available anywhere.

   Your data is always safe and protected with us!

   We're certified!

   Mastermailer, Inc. is a U.S. Postal Service NCOA (National change Of Address), CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), DPV (Delivery Point Validation), LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System), MASS (Multi-line Accuracy Support System) and PAVE (Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation) certified vendor.

   Utilizing current U.S. Postal Service verified databases, we have the ability to enhance your database to minimize your postage costs while increasing your deliverability.

   Data entry and ongoing database maintenance is available for your lists that you need to have computerized. 

   We will provide a letter of confidentiality for any data entrusted to us!

   By adding ECRLOT (Enhanced Carrier-Route Line-Of-Travel) codes, DPB (Delivery Point Bar-codes), DPC (Delivery point check digits) as well as the new requirements for DPV (Delivery Point Validation) & LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System) codes to your own databases, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in postage every time you mail!

   Regular data management is essential to optimizing your marketing campaigns and making every record count.

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