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   A process called mail merge is used to personalize your letters.  A mail merge is the process of integrating raw data from your list with a standard letter.

   Mail merged letters appear professional and personal and do not portray mass mailings which are often considered to be junk mail and are ignored by sophisticated recipients.
   We custom tailor your letters and print your return address and the recipients address directly on the envelope and we use postage stamps or metered postage...not pre-printed "US Postage PAID boxes for postage.

   We don't use labels because this takes away from the personalization of the envelope and makes the mail piece look like junk mail.

   We can personalize your letter by adding the recipient's full name and address, a personalized greeting, or any type of information from your database, such as a Case #, Loan #, Lien information, Mortgage information, the possibilities are endless.

   Your letters can be inserted into window envelopes for a more official, business-like look or hand matched with the identical address on the outside envelope AND the letterhead .
   Certain programs could be written to make your merged letters more personal and friendly; for instance, a different salutation for individuals vs. businesses can be used.

   Your digital signature is embedded into the closing of your letter so there is no need to personally sign each letter.

   Other, more complex scenarios such as variable printing can be used if you have multiple locations, or if the content of your mail piece changes based on some variable in your data.

   We have many solutions, that can make your mail pieces more personalized and increase your response rate.

          direct mail solutions
    3700 N. 29th Ave. Suite 203
Hollywood, FL 33020-1019 U.S.A.

         voice: 954.921.0000 

   toll free: 800.771.LIST (5478)


            We accept ALL major credit cards for lists, printing & services