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   So we've decided on the best target audience for your direct mail project. We've figured our how to get your mailing piece into just the right hands.

  So now what are you going to send them?

  You've probably been in a situation where you were asked to prepare written materials to help increase business, whether it was for a print advertisement, brochure, direct mail piece or maybe even a newsletter.   

   And while you are typically good at that sort of thing, it's not your main forte'. Maybe when you were done, you felt that what you wrote was good, but something was missing.
For some reason, it just wasn't quite as good as you hoped.  

   That's where we can help!

   We have the communication expertise to conceive, write, and design compelling direct mail pieces to grab and hold your audiences attention and keep it. THIS is what we DO!  

   So if you're targeting your market with direct-response materials like fliers, letter inserts, postcards, coupons, newsletters, or other special promotional offers, we can create customized direct mail will work for you!

   Our talented team of direct mail graphic artists use the very best tools like Adobe Illustrator and In-Design to create a mailing piece for you that will not only make you say wow, but grab your prospect's attention as well.

   And THAT is what it's all about!

          direct mail solutions
    3700 N. 29th Ave. Suite 203
Hollywood, FL 33020-1019 U.S.A.

         voice: 954.921.0000 

   toll free: 800.771.LIST (5478)


            We accept ALL major credit cards for lists, printing & services